Facilitating Online Learning Engagement

Do you want to shift from just getting by with remote teaching online to creating a diverse online community and an engaging digital learning environment?


If I could go back and offer advice to my younger self and start over with the knowledge I have now, I would focus my online learning efforts on 3 key things:

Effective Communication

We help you shift from just delivering content to leveraging digital tools to enable you to build and communicate with a diverse community.

Engaging Collaboration

We help you create engagement and prevent Zoom fatigue by getting you to find the balance between synchronous and asynchronous collaboration.

Significant Learning Environment

We help you leverage technology that can be used all the time and anywhere to create an environment that enables ownership of authentic learning.

You may be wondering how do I move online and still effectively help my students to learn? You want to shift from just getting by with remote teaching online to creating a significant digital learning environment, but you are concerned that you will not be able to:

  • effectively engage your learner and keep them engaged

  • facilitate collaborative and individual learning

  • provide constructive feedback/feedforward and assessment

  • manage the online course environment and all the related technology

  • build and sustain a diverse online community

Don't Worry!

We will address all your concerns and much more. We have many decades of research and practical experience in creating and facilitating online learning engagement and creating significant learning environments.

All The Tools You Need To Facilitate Online Learning Engagement.

Rather than have you read large portions of theory we are going to have you start using the online tools and systems as you are learning how to facilitate learning online right away. Similarly, instead of teaching you about online learning, communication, collaboration, feedforward, and reflection we are going to coach and guide you as you engage in authentic online learning opportunities where you will use real-world methods and processes.

Change the Online World One Learner at a Time

We believe it has never been a better time to be a learner. If you want to create an engaging online learning environment then the Facilitating Learning Online Engagement course is for you.

The Next Course Starts October 2021

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